I always get excited when I get the opportunity to talk about my work. And this not only for the scientific community, but I also really enjoy presenting for a broader audience. Here I will list the talks I will give and have given, excluding the technical ones from scientific conferences. Interested? Come and join me!

Upcoming talks

No talks scheduled


  • 02/02/2019 – Nationale Wiskude Dagen – Eindhoven, The Netherlands
    De wiskunde achter DNA data opslag
  • 18/09/2018 – Microbes and Booze – Leuven, Belgium
    From DNA to Bitcoin [Private]
  • 20/08/2018 – Fri3d camp –  Sint-Joris-Weert, Belgium
    DNA: de toekomst voor data opslag? [DUTCH]
  • 12/06/2018 – Lecture dr. Nick Goldman – Antwerp, Belgium
    Presented my side of the story during dr. Nick Goldman’s presentation:
    DNA, data storage, bitcoin, James Joyce: the bioinformatics connection
  • 02/05/2018 – Forum Ritarum – Kontich, Belgium
    DNA: Meer dan de basis van het leven alleen [DUTCH]
  • 25/04/2018 – Big Data Expo – Mechelen, Belgium
    DNA: de toekomst voor data opslag? [DUTCH]
  • 22/10/2017 – Biotech Day – Gent, Belgium
    Microben en voedsel, een ferme combinatie [DUTCH]